AI Agent as my property agent?

Looking for a flat for rent, with LLMs

Finding a flat for rent could be tiring. Ranging from non-responsive agents to landlords with particular demographic preferences, getting a new home always feels like a drag. Unless... We had an AI Agent do the scheduling.


This post is a thought-experiment. I would NEVER violate the WhatsApp Terms of Service by using their Web App as an API to automate stuff.

Our goal is to provide our tenant profile for as many property listings as possible (from our list of properties we like), then schedule up viewings.

For the uninitiated, this is the tiring part - constantly providing your profiles, and following up with property agents.

The solution is centered around whatsapp-web.js , it provides a Node.js wrapper around WhatsApp Web. We can initiate conversations or get an event when we receive a reply.

The AI Agent should have access to a few tools, namely,

  • get_availabilities(from_date, to_date)

  • is_available(time)

  • schedule_appointment(time)

This could be possible with some calendar API service, i.e, Google Calendar API with Appointment Slots. (Imagine Calendly)

A simplified flow would look like:

Edge cases to consider:

  • Property agent asks for additional information

    • Lease period (1 or 2 years)

    • Demographic Information (Gender, Nationality, Ethnicity, Age)

  • Property agent denies a viewing

    • Landlords demographic requirements are not met
  • Terminating the Agent and restarting it, it should remember/recall previous conversations.

Providing list of properties

Just providing a list of links to crawl and extract the property listings may not be possible, again due to Terms of Service restrictions, and heavy-handed bot prevention mechanisms of property listing websites.

We could resort to simply keeping a CSV/Sheets file of descriptions of properties, and Property Agents' contact details.


I hope you enjoyed the not at all real, and completely hypothetical project of using an AI Agent to schedule viewing appointments. Act responsibly, within the constraints of the law - in the real world!